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We Help Klaviyo-based E-Commerce Businesses to Increase their email revenue by 10-20% or more with our Retention+ System.

Sound Specific? It is.

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Our Philosophy

Here at Kensington Media House, we work on performance and treat your business as if it’s our own. We believe that business is about long-term relationships and results – we want every client we work with to be a client for life.

We are long-term oriented – we know that e-mail lists are a delicate thing. If they’re abused, as most other agencies do, they’re very difficult, if not impossible to pull back. The dirty secret behind much of the e-mail marketing industry is that the vast majority of agencies are after short term wins.

That’s not how we do business.

Speak To Our Team Today (FREE Klaviyo Audit)
Quality Over Quantity – Your Customer Journey

We Help Klaviyo-based E-Commerce Businesses to Drive 30%+ Of Their Revenue With Email.

1. In-Depth Klaviyo Audit

We always begin by throughly evaluating where you are now – campaigns, systems, lists, all of it. Nothing left to chance. If we can help you, we will.

2. Onboard + Lifecycle Planning

Based on your Klaviyo Audit and an in-depth consultation about your business, we map our your lifecycle and create a personalised email funnel.

3. Deep Research Phase

The truth about crafting e-mails – it’s 99% research. We use our own unique system to analyse your market, your competitors and your historic performance to craft truly effective email flows.

4. Creation Process

We craft 10-15 unique flows for each stage of your lifecycle, subdividing our emails into flows and campaigns, and mapping out a monthly implementation plan.

5. Delivery Process

We will run you through everything we’ve created – and outline our campaign maps for the period ahead. Once we’re all clear, we will launch the new e-mail marketing system.

6. Automation + Optimisation

Once the campaigns have been launched, the real work begins – we manage, optimise and constantly test variations of our work to continuously improve your results.
Let’s Do This.

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Case Study – JUARA Skincare

We started working with Kensington Media House just in October of 2021, and it’s been an incredible experience from start to finish!

Sheila FergusonCOO – JUARA Skincare
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Sheila Ferguson – Video Testimonial

Sheila Ferguson – Chief Operating Officer 

As the Chief Operating Officer at JUARA Skincare, Sheila is the primary engine behind the brand, and drives the direction JUARA Skincares marketing and internal operations.

JUARA Skincare

JUARA Skincare is a leading skincare brand that provides a tried-and-true approach to wellness that radiates from inside out. Inspired by Jamu, Indonesia’s old-world herbal medicine, their approach to skincare takes the best from ancient techniques and exotic ingredients from long ago to garner real results today.

Case Study – Black Roses Collection

Before we started working with KMH, we didn’t do anything with our email list – to be honest, we didn’t think it was worth our time Once KMH came onboard they built out all of the flows and had our email list profitable in 2 weeks. 4 weeks later, our email list had gone from making up roughly 4% of our revenue, to making up 37% of our overall revenue.. We honestly couldn’t be happier, and we’ll continue working with them for a long time to come.

Chris DoddFounder & Creative Director – Black Roses
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Chris Dodd – Video Testimonial

Black Roses Collection

Black Roses Collection is an industry leading streetwear retailer, providing high-quality street and tech-wear, curated by Chris Dodd, the founder.

Chris Dodd – Founder 

As the Founder and Creative Director of Black Roses Collection, Chris is the key driving force behind the brand. With a strong personal brand and style, Chris is a key figure within the streetwear scene, and his own personal style is strongly reflected in the clothes produced by Black Roses Collection.

Case Study – The Hundred Glove

I’ve worked with KMH before, and there was no other choice when I was starting up my new brand The Hundred Glove. They are absolute professionals and a pleasure to work with.

Joe HumeFounder – The Hundred Glove
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Joe Hume – Video Testimonial

Joe Hume – Founder

As the Founder of the Hundred Glove and the ex-founder of another leading UK goalkeeper brand, Joe has been heavily involved in the football ecom market for several years now.

The Hundred Glove

The Hundred Glove is the leading UK goalkeeper glove brand, fusing the latest science with the slickest designs on the market today.

What Makes Us Different

There are 1000’s of agencies out there – this is what sets us apart.


The reality is that most agencies won’t give you in-depth reports, clear communication channels, and full transparency – because they don’t want you to know how little work they’re actually doing.

We will set up a direct line of communication with you, provide weekly reports, a monthly in-depth consultation, and we will explain the reasoning behind all of our decision-making processes including what we’re testing, what’s working and what isn’t.

We’re not a fly-by-night agency who disappear and re-appear once a month and dodge emails and phone calls – we’re data driven, so we provide data. The more we learn about your customer base, what they’re buying, angles they like and dislike – the more information we will provide you with.

Irish-owned and Operated

Our Founders, Conor G and Conor S, are both born and raised in the south of Ireland.

In a sea of American and UK-based businesses, we’re throwing our paddy cap into the ring with a view to putting Ireland on the map in the world of E-mail Marketing – which we believe is only in it’s budding stage, despite having been popular for over 30 years now.

We believe that our background makes us uniquely able to see the pitfalls taken by agencies abroad – and how best to avoid them. 

In the photo on our left you can see a typical Irish field, which we’ve included because yes, Ireland really is mostly green fields and sheep. But we like it that way.

Truly-Performance Based

We don’t do retainers. In our line of work, if you don’t produce results, you shouldn’t get paid. Maybe that’s an extreme view – but it’s what we believe in.

We know that you’ve possibly been burned by other fly-by-night “agencies” in the past, so we’ve taken all of the risk out of our proposition.

Upfront, we charge a nominal setup fee, as we typically spend 2-4 weeks on in-depth market research, building out email flows, and setting up automations and processes within Klaviyo.

We don’t like leaving anything to chance, so our setup process is longer than normal, but extremely thorough in comparison to other agencies. The entire process is laid out in our onboarding document, which you receive when we agree terms.

Use The Slider Below to See Exactly How We’re Different To The Majority Of Agencies.

Long Term Focus

  • Reputation takes a lifetime to build and 1-second to lose – we want to help you build your brand into a household name, and as such we take a long-term approach to e-mail marketing. We’re after relationships and returning customers – not short-term churn and burn.
  • A properly maintained e-mail list will provide consistent sales for a lifetime of business. A list that gets constantly blasted with offers and discounts will be profitable… for a short time. But after that, it’s nearly impossible to repair.
  • Why? Best case scenario – your list is sick of hearing from you, but you can pull it back with fresh offers. Worst case? Your email domain is on an IP blacklist, and your brand reputation is ruined.
  • When a brand runs heavy discounts of all of time – especially heavy discounts, 30%, 40%, even 50% off – your customers start to associate your brand with a much lower price point. After all, why would they buy your products at full price, when they know a 50% discount is just around the corner!
  • Constant discounting has been the death knell for hundreds if not thousands of business – they get addicted to the short term profits that discounts provide – but once those profits dry up, they find that there’s no way back.

Some Facts About Us


Retention Rate


Years of E-mail Expertise


Full Time Staff
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Meet Our Team

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Conor Sunderland

Founding Partner

Conor co-founded Kensington House with Conor Gallagher in November 2020. Prior to this he ran his own sales and marketing agency, closing sales and setting up marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. The most experienced salesman on the team, he’s the marketing wizard behind each campaign.

Conor Gallagher

Founding Partner

Conor co-founded Kensington House with Conor Sunderland in November 2020. Prior to this he ran his own marketing and tech consulting agency, having graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Conor focuses heavily on the backend tech and automation side of the operation, setting up email flows and campaigns, and making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Amy O’Donovan

Graphic Designer

Amy came onboard as a graphic designer in 2022. With a strong background in the fashion industry, Amy brings that knowledge with her in her designs, and works with brands to develop their overall brand image and aesthetic as well as creating beautiful emails.

Sean Sweetman

Klaviyo Account Manager

Sean is one of our expert Klaviyo account managers. Proficient in copywriting and design, Sean has a deep background knowledge of the fashion and apparel industry.

Eduardo Dimaala

Graphic Designer

Eduardo is one of our experienced graphic designers. With years of experience in the industry, Eduardo excels in designing incredible looking emails, and is also an accomplished graphic artist, with a personal interest in comic books and graphic novels.

Ciarán Beehan

Klaviyo Account Manager

Ciarán is an experienced copywriter, with years of experience working with a wide range of brands. An expert in developing brand voice, Ciarán has a personal intuition for developing the brand story and message through emails and flows.

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Who This Call Is Perfect For

  • Businesses looking to transform their e-mail marketing into one of their biggest and most dependable sources of revenue.
  • Businesses with a long-term focus who plan to stay on top of their game for decades to come, and are looking for customers with an extremely high life-time value.
  • Businesses looking to maximise their average order value and conversion rates.
  • Businesses looking for a reliable agency that can make their company a priority.

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