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Kensington Media House increases your brand’s revenue and LTV:CAC ratio, helping you achieve profitable scale.

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Over $53 Million Generated For Our Brands


Our Systems Have Been Crushing It For Over 40 Brands

$208k/month to $524k/month in 2 months

This brand went from only having people buy once with their high AOV product line, to having a list of rabid buyers, free of ad costs, leading to $316k/month extra being generated and huge profits every month.

$18k/month to $321k/month in 5 months

This brand is on track to hit 8 figures in revenue now that their LTV:CAC ratio has shot up, unlocking profitable scale.

€105k/month to €196k/month in 3 months

With the founder wearing every hat in the business, they hit a ceiling.

We found opportunities in the account, grew consistently month on month, and now the business’ revenue is up 50% consistently.

$30k/month to $107k/month in 2 months

We cut down the time between purchases by over 40% for this brand, enabling them to have more profit to fuel the front end and stock. They’re now seeing 7 figures per year from email alone.

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Some of our favourites for our brands

Fresh Off The Press


Here’s What Our Partners Are Saying About Us

"I am delighted with Kensington Media House. Over the last few years I have struggled to find an amazing retention agency, now I have."

We’ve been working with Josh for over a year, and since then Newport has almost tripled the size of their online E-Commerce operation!

Josh Neville

CMO of Newport Vessels

"We’ve been working with KMH for almost 2 years now, and they are the best agency we have ever worked with. I absolutely recommend them."

Travis is the co-founder of Yoga Democracy, and has been a close partner of ours for 2 years now. Since we’ve been working together, their brand has gone from strength to strength each quarter!

Travis Strote

Co-Founder of Yoga Democracy

"I had worked with KMH before and it was an absolute no-brainer to work with them again when I joined a new team. They are professional and a pleasure to work with."

We’ve worked with Jamie on 2 separate brands now (the first of which is still a client – 2 years later), and it’s a partnership we can see continuing for the next 10 years – easily.

Jamie Tipton & Giulio Di Francia

Look Our Way

“Sales are up 50% month on month consistently.

We’ve been working with Niall for well over a year now, and become integral to the growth of the brand – with Email & SMS driving over 55% of the brand’s online revenue on average!

Nial Robinson

Founder of The Casual Company

"We started working with Kensington Media House back in October of 2021, and it’s been an incredible experience from start to finish!"

We learned as much from Sheila as she learned from us, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Together, we took Juara’s Email revenue from 15-20% up to over 50% on average month over month.

Sheila Ferguson

COO of Juara Skincare

"The best email marketing team I have ever worked with. I’ve had many agency experiences in my life – many very bad – but the Kensington team have been top tier in all respects."

Brook has been a long-term client and friend of ours, and both Conor Sunderland and Gallagher both now consult new brand owners in his high-ticket eCommerce mastermind every week.

Brook Hiddink

Founder of Audacia Home

“We were able to take that, and increase that significantly”

After we had you guys come in and work your magic on our flows and and really also dive into our campaigns, we were able to take that, and increase that significantly from the twenty percent just standard even before holiday, the first month that you guys were in, you could see a drastic increase in revenue.

Kelly Isensee

Marketing Project Manager of HIDEit Mounts

“I'm pretty confident that we're good here way into seven figures (monthly) with you guys as an agency.”

We’re very much here for that. Especially the scaling’s been really aggressive in the last while. So there’s there’s no doubt that that’s gonna be achieved. And like you were saying there on Twitter as well, it’s a one trillion dollar mark.

Johnny Hickey

CMO of Perfect White Tee

"Our flows and campaigns are more subscriber-friendly. We're improving retention which was a big focus."

“We’ve put a heavy focus on subscribers so that they’re more subscriber-friendly. We’re improving retention which was a big focus. We also launched a couple of new products. We built outflows around those products and campaigns. These were all right beforehand, but we’ve improved a good bit now. 100% recommend KMH to other businesses”.

Rory McLaughlin

Founder of Mystery Shirt In a Box

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Ecommerce Strategies Built For Your Business

We work with businesses of all sizes, but we have 3 distinct options based on what you need right now:

Do it Yourself

Our ‘do it yourself’ tips for those just finding their feet and want to get their retention marketing setup and making money.

Get Started

Done with You

Our done with you package for growing businesses, who are looking for a partner to take them to the next level.

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Done for You

Our flagship done for you email & sms marketing package (typically for brands doing at least $100k/month in DTC revenue).

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The KMH Methodology

With our industry-leading status on social media and years in the business, we’re the experts that the experts come to learn from. Below is our methodology to turn your email & sms accounts from a ‘Drifter’ to a ‘Profit Machine.


If we put your brand in two realities, one with a 2% opt-in rate and amazing email flows, and one with an 8% opt-in rate and amazing flows… which brand would make more revenue through their retention channels? Obviously, the latter. This is why we put so much focus on increasing the list growth rate. It’s time to fuel the back end of your brand.


Scientifically engineering your pre-purchase flows and campaigns is a specialty of ours. Build out conversion mechanisms to maximise the revenue from new subscribers.


“You make a living on the front end, but you build wealth on the back end.” This is where the secrets are deployed. Through testing and higher volume post-purchase, we ascend your 1x buyers into life-long supporters of the brand who provide consistent profit.

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Who This Is For

Businesses that have reached a glass ceiling and want to smash through it.

Businesses that want to maximise the Lifetime Value (LTV) of each customer.

Businesses that are looking for an in-house team that can make them a priority.

Businesses that want to grow fast while increasing profitability.

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 Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does It Cost?


All our offers are custom – book a call to figure out the best plan for your brand.


How Are You Different From Other Agencies?


All our The short answer is that we do the fundamentals at a very high level. We run in-depth data reporting at the end of each month and base our tests and changes on these reports. The reality is that most retention agencies ‘set and forget’ things, while we actively improve every facet of your account based on cold hard data. On top of that – we are boutique and you’ll never deal with middlemen account managers or rookie juniors.


What If Your Work Doesn’t Perform?


We offer a performance guarantee. Book a call to learn more.


How Long Does It Take To Go Live?


Depending on the scope, from the day you pay the invoice and sign the contract – it will take about 21 days for flows to go live.


Do You Have a Strict Contract?


No, we do not. We believe in delivering results and an incredible experience as the best way to keep clients, not stringent terms and conditions.

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